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Unlimited Data

  • Enjoy unlimited data with the the any of the plans that you have chosen
  • Whether you are calling over the internet, surfing, watching videos online or download files, you will not have to worry about running out of data

Stable internet speed

  • Always the correct speed (your internet access won`t affected by neighbors usage)
  • Service will be available during power outages (customer responsible for backup power of in-home equipment)

Connect multiple devices

  • 1 connection for everyone in your home
  • Multiple users can enjoy simultaneously from simple browsing to video streaming and gaming

Choose the plan that's right for you

Telenor Broadband 5Mbps

55,000 MMK

Installation Fees
150,000 MMK
(for Independent Houses)
Unlimited Data usage, Simultaneous usage up to 3-4 users, Web, Facebook, Youtube, Music
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Telenor Broadband 10Mbps

99,000 MMK

Installation Fees
150,000 MMK
(for Independent Houses)
Unlimited data usage, Simultaneous usage up to 5-6 users (depending on services used), Web, Facebook, YouTube, Music, Gaming, High Quality Videos
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Telenor Broadband 15Mbps

149,000 MMK

Installation Fees
150,000 MMK
(for Independent Houses)
Unlimited data usage, Simultaneous usage up to 7-8 users (depending on services used), Web, Facebook, YouTube, Music, HD Videos, Gaming,Telenor Broadband 15Mbps
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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are a binding legal agreement between Telenor Myanmar Limited, a company constituted under the laws of Myanmar with registration number 387, FC 2013/2015 and having its registered office at No 40, Sattmu-1 Road, Bahan Township, Yangon (referred to as Telenor) and you (referred to as You or Customer).

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Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy ("Policy") sets out an acceptable level of conduct between Telenor and Telenor Broadband(both shall be referred to as "Telenor") and its customers using the Telenor Broadband internet Services. Telenor believes that all internet users should be responsible in their usage and how it affects other users.

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Bill Payment Guidelines

There are two steps in Broadband Bill Payment.

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Telenor Broadband Rules and Regulations

Information will be derived from CAF Rules and Regulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 
Is service available during power outage?

Telenor Broadband has a local power backup that gurantees that the service can be delivered during a power outage of up to 8 hours. (Hardware/Router in apartment is customers responsibility for power)

How much can surf with Telenor Broadband?

"Can surf as much as you want"

  • With Telenor Broadband you can surf as much as you like in the speed that you have chosen for your service.
  • All customers get a Wifi router that enables customers to do mobile surfing as well as fixed surfing using a cable to a computer or other device.
Can several users use simultaneously?

Yes, Telenor Broadband services are offered in different speeds and different prices. For different price plan of service - will have different ability for no. of people that can use service.

Is Telenor Broadband price more expensive than others?

No, prices for Telenor Broadband services are 5 to 10 times lower than competitiors in market.

Are there Annual Charges needed to pay for service?

There are no Annual Charges for Telenor Broadband services.

What kind of broadband service does Telenor Myanmar provide?

Telenor Myanmar provides affordable, worry-free and future-proof broadband.

As future-proof, how does Telenor Broadband guarantee for high quality and service?

Telenor Broadband will be installed with a fiber connection that can handle speeds up to 1 Gigabit. This means that Quality and Speed guarantees ability for gaming, watching streamed TV/movies.

How is network stability? How many users can you support for 2 Mbps and 6 Mbps?

The network is very stable and the speed to the router will always be the same, you can connect many users to the router but more users will affect the experience for each user. Try the free product that has no obligations to get your own experience of the service.

Is your plan unlimited?

Yes, you may use as much data as you want but you are not allowed to share or resell the service.

Will you provide 24/7 customer service when the network is down?

No, Telenor Broadband Call Center is available from 7am to 8pm on every day.

Is there compensation if downtime is very long? What will you do for us when your network is down for a very long period?

If the network should be down for a long time (longer than a week) there will be a compensation for paying customer. Actual terms will be presented in the contract that will be used if customer wants to sign for a service after the trial period.

What will I get if I allow your installation at my building? What is the benefit for owner?

The benefit is that everybody, including the owner, gets the chance to have a hassle free high speed internet with a fixed price which is only offered in two areas of Yangon and also with a special offer that takes away the installation cost.

What will happen if I move house? Can I continue to use your broadband in other area?

As this is a FIXED service it is specifically connected to your house/apartment which means that it is not possible to move. IF you move to another are where Telenor is providing fixed services then you will be able to subscribe from there as well

Is there termination fees?


What is the minimum period we must use before termination?

The free trial period is one month from activation and as there is no obligation the service will shut down automatically if the customer don’t choose to start paying. If the user starts paying we till charge per month which means that the service will work for the time the customer subscribes.

Will you provide bill collection or do I need to settle the monthly bill at your office?

We currently support Wave money payment that can be done with two options:
Option 1: Bill payment from your wave account to Telenor Broadband wave account via ‘Wave Money App’
Option 2: Bill payment to Telenor Broadband wave account via ‘Wave Money Shop’

Postpaid or prepaid?

Prepaid for now

Is the price inclusive of tax?


We use internet only for whatsapp/viber. So, unlimited plan with monthly fees is not suitable for us. Will you provide PAYG package based on usage?


What if there is no electricity?

The service to the wall outlet will work during a power outage of up to 8 hours. BUT the router that creates the wifi has to be connected to a UPS which is the customers responsibility to enable the wire less services to work

Why should I use broadband at home instead of mobile data?

Fixed price, always good connection… Try one month to experience

How different is your fiber broadband from the wifi I’m using?

Very, Telenor Broadband has a dedicated speed only for you and you can connect a cable in your outlet/router to guarantee the best speed. In your own wifi you will also be able to decide the amount of users on your connection. The router is also much closer to you which is important as all walls and distance has a negative impact on the quality of the service.

When will you start installation at my home?

If you sign up for the free trial installation we will install within a month from sign. If you sign up after that and your building already has Telenor Broadband we install within 14 days

How long is your installation?

The installation in your apartment takes between 1-4 hours

Who can get free trial version for service?

All customers that sign up will get a free trial period for higher service to be able to learn and see what it provides. Customer that signs up in the first wave will get 4 weeks trial period and customers that sign up in the second sales wave will get 2 weeks trial period.

Do I need to pay for the device after one-month trial? (router, cable)

There is no charge for the router if the customer choses to start paying for any service after the trial period. If the customer chooses not to start paying Telenor has the right to

Which speed/plan am I going to get in one-month free trial?

Everybody will get to try the 6 Mbps service

My house is very old. I don’t want to drill my wall. Can we go ahead without drilling?

Telenor will provide an installation with the least impact as possible on your house and if drilling is not possible we will try to find another solution to install the services.

Telenor Broadband Call Center: 09797998888

7 am to 8 pm on everyday
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