Internet Plans

All Telenor SIM cards are pre-enabled to use Internet. As soon as you have become a Telenor customer, you can start browsing the Internet, updating your status on Facebook and sending email. You only pay for what you use and Telenor will help you to keep track of how much you spend.

My Internet Plan

Affordable plan for all handsets


    • Volume: 500 MB
    • Validity: 30 days
    • Activation: Send SMS ‘mymonth’ to 500 or Dial *4005# or *400# USSD menu
    • This plan go well with:

Smart Internet Plan

Smart plan & high speed for 3G enable smartphones


  • Price: 8 Kyats/MB
  • Activation: Pre-enabled on all SIMs
  • This plan go well with:

Most frequently asked questions

All Telenor SIM cards are pre-activated for mobile Internet so you do not have to do anything except ensure you have sufficient balance in your account. If the handset is not set up to use mobile Internet, send an SMS with ‘all’ to 8080 and you will receive the mobile Internet settings. If your handset cannot receive automatic Internet settings, please set the APN manually to ‘internet’. You can set the APN under Settings, then go to the menu called "mobile network" or "mobile data" or "cellular data network". If this does not work, Please dial 979 to contact our Call Center from a telenor number or dial 09790097900 from a non-Telenor number.
If you are using one of our mobile Internet packs, you can check the balance by dialing *124*1#. If you are not using a mobile Internet pack, but pay as you use then you can check your main account balance by dialing *124#. Telenor will also send notifications to let you know how much you are using.
Yes, however the speed will be lower than on 3G.
If you are using a smartphone with apps installed, some of the apps might be using the Internet connection to update weather information, Facebook news, automatic email download etc. This internet usage will be charged based on your Internet price plan. If you want to avoid any Internet sessions running in the background, you can adjust the setting for each App manually, or disable mobile Internet on your smartphone, which can be done from Settings menu. You can also disable mobile Internet by sending a SMS to 500 with "internet off". It is free of charge for sending SMS to 500 to enable or disable the internet connection. If you wish to re-enable mobile Internet, send an SMS to 500 with ‘internet on’. You might have to restart your handset for the changes to take effect.
Telenor’s default mobile Internet plan is called SMART Internet and is a pay as you use plan. We charge 8 Kyats per MB.